What font is used on Junghans’ Max Bill watch face?

First the caveats: yes I did go over all the font-id resources i could think of, including all the ones listed on the FAQ on this site. I’ve already spent a couple days on this and would already have started a clone font myself if I didn’t know for sure the font is commercial and i will need to license it regardless, because well it is used in a product after all.

The font in question is used in the watch face bellow:
max bill watch

Every single font-id software/site gives me either a closed 4 or a square font.

here is the cleaned up digits i used to id via OCR offerings:
max bill digits

The “Sequel Rounded Extended” does have a few round digits that are very similar, but 7 and 4 are way off. Millar family is closer on the 7 and 4, but still very far away.

I’d appreciate any pointers on finding the right one to license. Thanks.


Not everything is a font

I believe that you are correct that the font is Sequel Rounded Extended.

To me, it matches perfectly.

enter image description here

The only outlier seems to be the 4 which they most likely made a custom glyph for because the closed variant didn’t fit the aesthetic.

Additionally, the C seems to have been edited to be more open but the source image isn’t very high quality so I could be mistaken.

Source : Link , Question Author : gcb , Answer Author : Ovaryraptor

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