What font is used on the “Passengers” movie poster?

This is the poster in question:

enter image description here

And here is a close-up of the font I’d like to know:

enter image description here

I would like to know what font is used here. Most font recognition engines can’t see the “E” without the “Vertical Line” so it’s hard for them to identify the font. I’ve also searched around for similar futuristic fonts but most of them have “curved edges”, for example:

Click for full version


This probably is a custom type based on some different fonts. The basis seems to be Neutraface N°2 Medium and/or Aramis Light or SemiLight.

Inspiration also seems to be taken from Revival and maybe even good old Futura.

Someone took the time to recreate the font though, you can find it here.

Source : Link , Question Author : Velociraptor , Answer Author : PieBie

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