What font size should be used for a children’s book?

I’ve been looking around, and so far I haven’t found much. Most places I find also suggest using Comic Sans so I’m hesitant to take their advice.

The book will be for ages 0 — 5, so very young, most likely their parents will read it to them. The page size is 6in x 9in and there’s a good paragraph worth of text on pages that have text. Should the font be the standard size 12 as other books? Or should it be bumped up for kids? How big is to big in that case? Is there a standard for this, or is it mostly guess and check?

This is the first time I’ve illustrated a children’s book, so I have no idea. Any help is much appreciated!


My advice as a parent

Kids of that age don’t read books, they look at books and enjoy the images, colors and stuff.

Other people read those book to kids under the following conditions:

  • Bad light (because it’s bed time)
  • The head of the kid in between the book and the reader
  • A never steady book, because the kids like to help holding it

As a result, use a font size that is comfortable to read under unusual conditions. The rest it typography as usual.

The font type is primary a matter of taste and style. As long a you choose a quality font, you should not have to worry about kerning etc. Go to myfonts.com or a similar service, but don’t use Comic Sans – it’s just boring – and no book should be boring. 😉

Source : Link , Question Author : Nagoshi , Answer Author : Mario

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