What fonts are ideal for E-ink displays?

I am specially preparing some PDFs for use on E-ink devices. I have noticed that the appearance of the text on these screens is not exactly the same as the appearance on a book, or the appearance on a computer screen. Are there any strategies for selecting fonts which will appear good and improve readability on these devices?

  • If I must select a font from a specific collection, what features should I look for in that font that indicates that it will be most suitable for use on E-ink?
  • Are there any special fonts specifically designed for use on such displays? Is there any research showing that any particular font provides the best or improved readability on E-ink?


As far as I am concerned the effect of low resolution on e-ink screens is quite similar to the appearance of the newspaper where low-quality paper with high soaking ability tends to distort fine details of letter shapes.

So I would probably recommend the same typefaces that are used for setting the text in newspapers – low-contrast, with thicker serifs and larger counters – something like Zócalo Text, Swift, PF Adamant etc.

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