What generic icon could be used to symbolize a brand (McDonalds, Apple, etc..)?

I need to use an icon in a web application that will represent “Brand” as an object. The “Brand” could be “McDonalds”, “Apple”, “BMW” or any other company/brand.

What generic icon would represent “Brand” well?

Right now we use a simple star as a brand icon, but we are not quite happy with this.

Any suggestions?


I’d recommend not using a star, as stars are very often used for “favourites” lists or to mark the current content as a favourite.

It sounds like you’re trying to create something that looks like a generic brand logo, like an icon for brands and logos in general. This is tricky because you’re looking for something that is common to logos – when logos deliberately don’t look alike.

There are however some things that are common to logos you could use to make a generic mark logo-like:

A few top of the head examples:

enter image description here

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