What icon can I use to represent ‘concept’?

What sort of icon/graphic could represent ‘concept’?

It would be very helpful as a place-holder when I am making basic sketches and notes.

Third Party Edit (from comments):

hhajemi (OP): From my experience, I will normally try to clarify some key concepts in the areas of interest and the following discussions will be based/built/developed upon these concepts. Than the light bulb or CFL (thanks koiyu for sharing this) moment, I can use a “brick” or “jigsaw” piece to represent a concept. I believed that this is not original but I think it can serve the purpose. Thanks all for commenting.


A concept can be an idea, in that case you can go for the regular light bulb.

It could also mean a path, a structure, maybe you could use a blue print, drawing board.

Source : Link , Question Author : hhajemi , Answer Author : jackJoe

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