What icons can represent the concept of “already purchased”?

I am doing an iOS app that shows recommended products to identified customers in a brick and mortar store. The customer can tell an associate, “Oh, I bought that already”, the the associate can so note that fact so the customer isn’t presented with the same items in the future (think: they bought a TV after searching for one, or a dress, or some jewelry).

I’ve gone through thousands of icons online (and in my collection), but alas – I just cannot find one that immediately conveys the concept of “this items was already purchased”.

Right now I’m using a “Shopping Bag” icon, but it looks like a weak choice.

Ideas most welcome!

EDIT: I’m amazed at all the attention this post has gotten here! Thanks to all! Let me add a bit more detail:

  • the icon can only be around 40×40 points
  • the use is an iOS app, so the icon should be consistent with current iOS icons
    [meaning it will be thin lined, not heavy, and of a single color]

EDIT2: I messaged the author of the Glyphish icon set, and he suggested one other different icon – a shopping bag with the “Backwards in Time” icon (a clock face with a arc around it pointing counter clockwise).


As promised:

One idea is to use a bag with a checkmark on it. This conveys both the ‘buy’ context and the ‘OK’ message. For use online you could even use an SVG, or a combined Icon Font icon.


bag with checkmark

Source : Link , Question Author : David H , Answer Author : PieBie

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