What icon(s) would represent different timeframes in a dashboard widget?

I’m working on a KPI application where basically I need to display the overtime trend of some indicators, for simplicity’s sake let’s assume the indicator is the number of visitors a web page has over time. I currently display the value and if it is increasing (positive) or decreasing (negative) compared to the previous period. From the same element I need to be able to switch timeframe (day, month or year) and this is where I’m stuck right now. I’d like to use icons for selecting the timeframe and adding a column on my element (something like this https://dribbble.com/shots/1129568-Los-Angeles-CA – see left column) but I can’t come up with icons that easily differentiate day, month, and year.

How do you guys suggest me to tackle this issue?



Since you are specifically looking for day/month/year, try looking at what some calendar applications use to see what type of visual language has already been established and works well.

This type of thing shows up when I googled “Calendar icons”:

calendar icon examples

On the other hand, Google Calendar uses text (“Day” “Week” “Month” etc), which is something to consider.

Source : Link , Question Author : macsig , Answer Author : Vicki

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