What image size should I use to design book cover? [closed]

I have got a project of Book Cover design. The client is telling me that book cover should be print ready and ready to upload on Create Space.

I know if design is in CMYK color mode, means it is print ready so no problem with this. Create Space allows only 300dpi resolution cover design so my question is;

What image size should I use to design book cover?
I am designing both front and back sides with spine.


Easy Way: Use the Template Generator:


Hard Way: Follow the Specs:

Create Space offers several book sizes as shown in this table:

enter image description here

The author will have to pick one of those sizes, interior page colors, and a page count. Once you know those, you should be able to determine the exact submission requirments following the Create Space guidelines.

You can find details about what you must submit here:


The spine calculation is described in more detail here:


You can also find more details starting on page 40 of this guide:

CreateSpace PDF Submission Specification

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