What is a “cromalin”?

I’ve been asked by a client to design a full page advertisement for a catalog. The specs I received mention that beside a PDF of the page we should also supply “imperatively a cromalin: Without a cromalin your advertisement, we will not be responsible for the quality of the printing.”

It’s the first time I’ve heard of a cromalin. Searching online reveals that it is related to prepress proofing, which I don’t have much experience with.

Can someone explain what a cromalin is and how I can make one?


It’s a DuPont proprietary colour proofing process.

It was originally a photographic process. They now have a digital version — basically a colour-calibrated high-res inkjet print.

I haven’t actually heard the term used in the fully digital (computer to plate) era though. Maybe there are just a lot more options from competitors these days.

Anyway, it’s something a printing company’s pre-press department would supply.

It may also be that the publication is using it as a generic term for a certified colour-accurate proof, or they haven’t updated those instructions for years!

Source : Link , Question Author : Andreyu , Answer Author : e100

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