What is a good workflow for Presentation Design?

A client wants a presentation design that he can edit and change after, including elements such as:
template frame, body copy, lists, calls-to-action, animations, custom vector graphics, mockups – you get the point!

What is the best way to undertake this? how do YOU design presentations?
is there a way to design in PSD and convert to PPT? do you work directly on Powerpoint? (Feeling lost)

The final outcome should be:
Inatilized design delivered in PDF and templated Powerpoint format that can be edited! for future use



Another consideration is your client’s capacity. Do they have a graphics team? Who will be editing the presentation? What will their audience be for the presentation (i.e., does it matter if it looks awesome? Or is ‘good enough’ acceptable?)? I doubt they will like to edit a PSD file, and even if you could convert it, they will have issues with properly defined text hierarchy.

My guess is that the client just needs a powerpoint he or she can edit, and that they don’t have a dedicated team for making this. Make sure you don’t use a custom font (unless you’ve talked about it), because it will be a big hassle for when they work on it later.

Also, I use Keynote. They have a lot of nice texture functions built in (although 19 times out of 20, the projector is so crappy you can’t see the subtle textures used in the presentation—still, the pdf looks good).

Source : Link , Question Author : Waterlily , Answer Author : plnnr

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