What is a quick and concise way to explain online font licensing to a customer?

Customers are usually proud of their (offline) identities. As webdesigner, I regularly find myself having to explain that I can’t legally use their licensed font in their webdesign. When I do, it always ends up as either a long e-mail or me talking to them on the phone, knowing I lost them halfway through.

Is there a good and concise way to explain how online fonts work and don’t work?


I would use an analogy. It may over-simplify things, but hopefully it will get the point across.

Relating it to something that is more common might help, for example a movie. When you buy a DVD, you have the permission to watch the movie in your home with friends, you can lend it to your friends, but you do not have the right to show the movie at a public park with 1,000 other people watching

Source : Link , Question Author : Vincent , Answer Author : JohnB

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