What is an easy way to create a bulk of rounded rectangles in Illustrator?

Sample image
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Is there a way in Illustrator to draw a group of rectangles like this without having to draw them one by one? The idea is to divide the area into as many rectangles of size 100×50 which have a 10 gap between them. Is there something automatic to make this happen?


This can be done fairly easily with Illustrator’s Object->Transform->Move and Object->Transform->Transform Again cmd+D

First, draw the shape, then go to Object->Transform-Move option window.

enter image description here

Turn on Preview and put in a horizontal value so you get the ideal margin between the 2 shapes. In your case, 10px. Hit Copy Now just keep hitting Cmd+D until you have enough shapes for one row.

Then group cmd+g all the shapes in the row, and do the same in the Move option. Except for this time you’re giving 0 for Horizontal value, and enter the appropriate vertical value instead. Keep hitting CMD+D until you have enough rows.

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