What is an “Eber rule?” (Ruler to measure type)

I heard someone mention a tool that was used for specifying type in the pre-computer days, called an “Eber rule.”

What was it and how was it used?

Is it the same thing as a font ruler? And did I spell Eber correctly?


Generally, manual type measurement is done via an E Scale. Sometimes referred to as a Type Scale.

enter image description here

These can be purchased at any art supply store.

They are customarily see through plastic. In fact one company making them is called C-Thru. You would place it on top of a printed piece and move the scale to line it up with an uppercase E on the printed sample. This would tell you what type size that E was, and subsequently the rest of the type.

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard the term “Eber rule”. But it’s been a while since I’ve needed one. Maybe I’m forgetting. You may have also overheard someone using a brand name for a ruler. The same way everyone refers to tissue as “Kleenex”.

Haber Rule maybe.
In the back of my mind, far in a deep, dark, corner, I kind of recall “Haber Rule“. However, Haber was a brand name I believe. A comment here at Before & After’s web site seems to confirm that name.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bob , Answer Author : Scott

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