What is an eBrochure and how would it differ from a website?

I’ve been asked to create a print brochure (like a traditional tri-fold) and a corresponding “ebrochure”. I’ve never heard of an ebrochure, so in the absence of clear specifications from the client, I did a Google search for ebrochures. While this confirmed that an ebrochure is in fact a real thing, I also found a wide range of meanings and implementations.

While I will of course go back to the client for clearer specifications, I would like to have a better general understanding of the expectations of an ebrochure (if indeed there are common expectations).

  1. What is an eBrochure? What is the typical content that would be included in such a product?
  2. How is an eBrochure different from just a plain old website, which presumably includes the content that would appear in a brochure?


In my experience, an eBrochure is usually a digital version of a brochure that we have developed for print. This is not always the case, more and more we are designing and creating brochures for our clients with only digital distribution in mind.

The eBrochures that we produce are typically PDF’s with varying degrees of interactivity and multimedia included. That interactivity could include as little as linking a table of contents to the corresponding section of the brochure. But they can also include video and interactive items like 3D models and page transitions like page flips.

For most clients, when they request a eBrochure, they just want a digital version of the brochure you’re creating, to use on their website or to email to clients. You can use the additional interactivity as an up-sell in most cases and charge more than you would for just a flat PDF copy.

Source : Link , Question Author : Scribblemacher , Answer Author : GoofyMonkey

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