What is “standard markup” for purchases which need to be passed on to the client?

Let’s say I’m designing a site, and Client and I agree that I’m going to purchase a slideshow to use on Client’s site. The slideshow code costs $30.

I will mark this up to compensate me for my time in finding the slideshow, testing it, and learning how to use it. Is there a standard number for the markup? (Assume U.S. designer and client.) I’ve seen 20%, 25%, and the oddly specific 17.65%.


I don’t know that there a “standard.” I think it’s whatever some people feel they can get away with.

I use 20% here. But that 20% covers only the money out of my pocket. Time in finding, editing, and/or testing are all billable hours to me. Above and beyond the actual cost of the product.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum , Answer Author : Scott

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