What is the best Adobe software for designing a résumé?

I have been creating my CV with Photoshop for several years now. I’ve heard and seen it myself, that this is not the right tool at all to design a résumé.

I never used the other tools from the Adobe suite, but I’m thinking of InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks. From previous experience, I have identified these requirements, I need:

  • to define a structure/skeleton from the beginning;
  • to draw squares, rectangles, shadings just like on Photoshop;
  • to easily use percentages to divide my document;
  • to move one part of the document and to see the other one follow. For example, I move down the header, so all the rest below will move down as well;
  • to manage text alignments easily;
  • to use lists;
  • to perfectly align blocks;
  • to output a very light PDF file.

Which software will best satisfy the needs I have listed above?

Which software would you recommend to me for creating a curriculum vitae?


InDesign gets my vote. It does all the tasks you’re describing, and is meant for layout.

However, as a general note, do NOT over-design your résumé. Even if you’re a designer applying for a design job, please, make your CV clean and straightforward.

If I’m reading through 100 résumés in a week (which I’ve done), I am really, really not interested in bells and whistles. Put your pretty projects in your online portfolio and impress me there. Don’t make it hard for me to pick out your skills, or I will toss the résumé and move on to the next one from the inch-thick stack in front of me.

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