What is the best approach to remove the background in this complex image?

I was trying today to remove the background from this image below. No matter what I did, I wasn’t satisfied with the results I got. As the gras tile is white and the background is white too, it was very difficult to distinguish between the background and the tile.

How would you approach removing the background from this image in Adobe Photoshop? I found the strands that stick out especially difficult to get right.

I have the actual item here next to me so I can take more picture if it would be easier. Though i don’t have lights and professional white sheet…

I’ve removed the background of other images but they had simple shapes (circles, squares, rectangles) so I just used the lasso tool or the background eraser.

enter image description here


I have the actual item here next to me so I can take more picture if it would be easier.

Yes. Reshoot with a background that is neutral and not white (blue, green, grey – really anything other than white or black). With a better photograph you can cut the post processing time in half or more. (lighting is pretty bad in that photo anyway)

Otherwise, it’s a painstaking manual painting with a brush on a mask project.

Without a reshoot… here’s what I’d do..

  • Adjust Levels for entire image to improve contrast and fix the “dull” lighting.
  • Copy Blue Channel and create high contrast channel for left and bottom edge. Retaining the subtle shadow.
  • Copy Blue Channel again and create high contrast channel for the interior and close to the top and right edge. Top and right edge don’t have to be precise at this stage, just general area. In fact, you’ll want this channel to stop just short of all the small protrusions on those edges.
  • Use these 2 blue channel copies to create a layer mask and apply it to the image layer.
  • From here, grab a Brush and start painting back in the top and right edges manually. The goal is to get the image to look realistic, you won’t be able to precisely match the photo because there’s far too much guesswork along the top and right edges. The photo is too undefined in these areas. You’ll need to use some artistry to paint those edges.

enter image description here

Control/Right-click the image above and choose “Open in New Tab/Window” to see it better

You could feasibly use just one copy of the Blue Channel. I used two because I thought I would be able to better define the top/right edges separately. I was not able to. Therefore the second channel copy was overall fruitless and it could have all been done with one copy of the Blue Channel.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dani , Answer Author : Scott

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