What is the best Font with less empty Space (ultra fat)

I search a good looking font which has small empty space, means the characters are full and nearly quadratic.

Or in other words, if you draw a rectangle or quadre around a letter, nearly 80 % should be filled with the character, only small empty space.

The best i got so far is Frutiger Ultra bold, but it still wastes too much space.

Letterspacing can be altered so its not priority.


Leo Liu suggested Neil Bold and Bumper.

Also Ultra Fat, Ryno Slab, Rita, Cuadrifonte, Akimoto, Yume, Grim, Loudine, Tonal, Grafinc, Fatta may well do, and probably many more.

Dimensions probably fits the 80% criterion too.

Source : Link , Question Author : Email , Answer Author : Andrew Leach

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