What is the best software for creating exam paper template?

I regularly create exam papers in Photoshop with two types of pages: left and right.

We create the questions in Word and then add them into Photoshop. However, this process takes a lot of time and the resulting PDF is quite large and non-vector.

What is the best software we can use to create vector PDF outputs but still be able to use our design?


Photoshop is probably the last choice for this type of work.

InDesign could work better as it can natively create a ‘facing pages’ document, meaning left & right page templates and yes with the proper formatting everything can be vector in your template which will result in minimal file size.

Since you appear to also need to typeset math into your documents that means installing a third party plugin, of which several are available, just google ‘indesign math plugin’ and see which one works for you.

Scribus or LaTeX are other free alternatives as others have explained already in more detail.

Source : Link , Question Author : PhysicsMathsLove , Answer Author : Lucian

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