What is the best tool to make animations for iOS games?

What is the easiest tool and way to make moving animations that can be used in iOS games? If there are tutorials, I can also learn. I also want it to be vector or retina. Something like hd. Thanks.


For a 2d side scrolling game. Vector style. Using Stencyl

That is the key bit of info we needed!

Looking at their documentation for animations it looks like animation is handled within the app–meaning that you create the individual animations yourself outside, then import them as individual frames.

As such, it appears that the tool you need is a drawing tool to create said frames. What is ‘easiest’ is perhaps subjective, but some options that would fit your ‘vector style’ requirement would be Adobe Illustrator (commercial) or Inkscape (open source).

Both are vector illustration tools that will give you the style you are looking for that you can then use to create the individual frames for importing into Stencyl.

Source : Link , Question Author : hansy2010 , Answer Author : DA01

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