What is the best way to backup photos & videos from iPhoto online?

I’d love to use Dropbox to back up all my photos and videos, especially from iPhoto. But I’m not exactly sure the best way to do this is, given that I know that my 2 computers with iPhoto directories will conflict with each other within dropbox. And my video collection (with 2 little kids) is getting massive. 100 GB from Dropbox won’t cut it.

I understand flickr is a good option, in that they integrate directly from iPhoto and have unlimited uploads (how is this possible for only $25/year?). Can they also automatically synchronize photo/video folders?


First option, there are some excellent services that provide online backup solutions for a reasonable price. Two examples are Mozy and Backblaze. The advantage is that you can set it and forget it, and it will back up all your files (with options for some things you might want to exclude).

Another option is using Dropbox. You can move your iPhoto Library from your Pictures folder to the Dropbox folder and alias it to the original location (drag using option to make an alias instead of a copy). If you don’t alias it, iPhoto should just ask you where the library is stored when you relaunch it anyway.

I don’t really think of services like Flickr as backup, they’re more of an online photo organizer, but yes they can be used that way too. There is no synchronization, so you have to upload your updated files manually.

Source : Link , Question Author : at01 , Answer Author : Andrew Vit

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