What is the best way to create a product catalogue in Adobe InDesign CC?

Our client has a product range of ~1700 products separated into 7 categories. We want to make sure that we start artworking the catalogue using the most efficient methods.

Assuming that each product will have a different Name, Photo, Size, Material, Price and Product Code, how should we go about getting this information into InDesign so we don’t have to manually copy and paste the information across for each of the 1700 products?

Ideally, we’d like to design a few page layouts and use these along with an automation feature to populate the catalog.

Should it be an XML import, a CSV data merge or a 3rd party plugin such as https://www.65bit.com/software/easycatalog/ ?

Thank you!


Doesn’t sound like a complicated structure, so Data Merge via CSV importing should work. Plenty of videos and tutorials on this available.

Source : Link , Question Author : Boz , Answer Author : Lucian

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