What is the best way to design for a group where multiple people have equal input?

I am building a website for a student organization. Although I’m a novice at graphic design, I can do basic sites (bootstrap is a lifesaver) and am moreso of a pro when it comes to development.

The problem comes, however, where everyone in the group has an equal say-so on the design. I would like to know the best way to approach this because I don’t know what’s common in the design world.

Should I have them delegate one person to be the voice and just work with that person? Or, take all of their suggestions into account and come up with something I think will work. I am leaning towards the first option because I know from experience trying to please everyone often results in pleasing no one.


Morning @MDMoore! First off I’d like to apologize knowing first hand it is a bear to have multiple people’s input on a design process. Your first idea, have one primary contact is a great idea and I would definitely go this route but knowing first hand when multiple people have a say it can still back fire down the road.

That said I would require one primary contact and force one primary contact for any changes and do the best you can because it will make the others mad when they try to call you with “can you change this for me please”.

The other backfire I learned was that a primary can do what they want and it will be your fault to the others if they are not aware of what is going on. The solution I found with this is the primary must get written sign-off on the proofs and phases of the design.

Best of luck to you.

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