What is the best way to export an artwork in Illustrator?

I have 18 artworks in an .eps file.

enter image description here

I wonder what is the best way to extract/export one of those artwork into a .png/.jpg ?


enter image description here

I’m not sure if this possible, but is there a way to export all of them into individual .png files.

Any helps / suggestions on this will be much appreciated.


  1. you need to select all your artworks, then go Object>Slice>Make

  2. file> save for web, after choosing the slice select tool from the left panel you can select each artwork holding shift, and then change from the right panel the options (file type, quality etc.)

  3. you can use slice select tool by double clicking on each object, it will bring a dialog box where you can input in Name field a name of the specific artwork. (each artwork file will have specific name which was inputed)

  4. to export your artworks (slices) you need to change from the right panel on the bottom Export: All user slices. Press save btn

Source : Link , Question Author : code8888 , Answer Author : twinklingstar

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