What is the best way to represent show and hide in icons?

I have a web page that has a list of columns of information. All columns have names and then some of the columns have items in them. I want to have an icon to represent

  1. Hide all empty columns
  2. Showing all columns

All of the icons i see for hide look like “delete” so i want to see if there are any representations of “hide” icons that don’t look like delete.

And for “show” the only thing i see is an eye graphic which doesn’t seem very intuitive to me.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good “hide” and “show” icons?


I think the most common and intuitive way to represent show/hide is the simple square box with “+” or “-” in the middle. Of course, there are many other ways too:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : leora , Answer Author : Community

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