What is the best way to resize things in illustrator?

I am working with this “complicated” ilustrated cat character in Illustrator. The problem is that I worked and modified what I needed to modify and now I have to resize this cat and I stumbled into a weird issue. Its all vectors, no raster effects. No strokes on it, only Filled Shapes.
When I resize it some paths seem to move a little, like for example the glasses on its eyes are not in the exact same position when I make it smaller… I tried diffrent ways, if I resize from a corner and hold Shift + Alt it doesn’t work, if I resize from a corner hold Shift without Alt its a little better but still… stuff moves around, only a little, but… it moves…
If I group certain elements I get better results when I resize, but still…STUFF MOVES AROUND… WHY ?!

has anybody else encountered this issue before ?

I think it has something to do with compound paths…i have a feeling, cause I get this error only on strokes that I expanded(using Object > Expand) and on paths that I modified using Offset path…

Have a look at the image to see what I mean, look how the glasses changed and the frame is diffrent :

enter image description here

enter image description here

This happens when I double click the glasses(I go inside a group that has inside it a Compound Path… )
enter image description here

Note: the glasses look ok when I simply double click them and enter the group>compund path, i just moved things a little in the screen shot to illustrate that this is what happens when I resize them… HELP 🙂


If you are using cs5 and have align to pixel grid checked in the transform pallet. Then possibly that is causing the problem. I have had many issues with the align to pixel grid box checked. Outlined text especially gets messed up.

Source : Link , Question Author : Flavius Frantz , Answer Author : Danferth

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