What is the characters style in these Japanese games called? [closed]

These are screenshots from Harvest Moon and Trails from the Sky. I’m trying to find tutorials or something similar to help me learn to create characters of this style, but I don’t know what to search for.

What is the name for this style of character?

Harvest Moon 64
Trails in the sky: the legend of heroes


The original 2D manga / anime style is called ‘Super Deformed’ (Wikipedia) or ‘chibi’ (Wikipedia). As these examples are 3D or faux 3D*, I guess your best bet is ‘3D chibi’ or ‘3D super deformed’.

*As far as I remember, Falcom usually employs pseudo-3D models in games of this generation and genre. The models are created, but are only used as a basis for the creation of the necessary sprites.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alex , Answer Author : Vincent

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