What is the difference between After Effects and Flash/Animate for animation?

I’m thinking of becoming an animator. I mainly want to make videos similar to
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, who make videos like this. When I searched for AE and Animate / Flash comparisons for flat design purposes, all the examples that came up seemed to be made in AE. I know that AE is more powerful, but I want to know if Animate / Flash, being simpler, can accomplish the same goal, since most flat animation seems vector based, which Animate / Flash can already do quite well. Before downloading either After Effects or Animate, I need to be sure which is simpler/easier to use for this type of animation.

What are the differences between the two applications specifically for animations like the one I posted?

(Edit) Also, assuming the main application doesn’t have these features, would you recommend any complementary software for creating assets and such?

Thanks in advance.


Adobe AfterEffects is a composite tool where you put video, image and 3D content to create a final product. To that end there is a large set of tools, plug-ins and scripts such as tracking, effect generation, layering effects, integrations with other software (such as Cinema 4D) etc. It’s primary output is video files. It supports various formats.

Adobe Animate (formerly Flash Professional) is a 2D animation tool for the web. It can export .gif, .png sequences and HTML5 Canvas files. For video exports it’s limited to the .mov format.

To answer your question:
The difference between the two is the scope. AfterEffects is a bit more complex as it’s meant to be the gathering point for a lot of external material, while Animate CC is purpose-built for web animation. You can use both for motion graphics on YouTube. My recommendation would be AfterEffects + Illustrator.

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