What is the difference between layout and design?

I can’t understand what is “design” and what is “layout” in terms of web design. I’m confused between layout and design. Can anybody can help me understand these matters? Thanks for reading my question.


They are really closely related.

Layout is defined as the arrangement of predetermined items on a page. Basically, you’re given the pieces and they are arranged.

Design is defined as the art or skill of combining text, images, and other items into a visually pleasing arrangement.

So, really they can be almost interchangeable.

The primary difference is that for layout you don’t need to create anything. You just decide on placement, color, size, etc for items you already have. You don’t pick typefaces, or color themes, or any of the “overall” visual aspects. Layout requires you to fit content into a specified theme or schematic.

For design you typically create things or find things to use. Such as, you draw a series of icons to use in the layout. Or you find stock photos and edit them to fit your layout. Design is also where global decisions are made – such as which typefaces will be used, the overall color theme, number of columns, trim size, bindery necessary (if any), etc.

Most graphic design (web or print) encompasses layout. However, a layout does not necessarily encompass any design.

It’s a fine line and this is really just my opinion. There are few, if any, hard rules on what constitutes layout vs design. They both take a skilled eye when dealing with things like balance, proximity, space, etc.

— To use an analogy: If baking cookies. Layout is putting the ingredients together, mixing them, and baking them. Design is deciding what ingredients are needed and what type of cookie you want to make, how many cookies, how long they should be baked at what temperature, etc.

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