What is the font used on the computer in “The Mother of All Demos”?

Any idea what this font is?

See more of it:

enter image description here


Man, that’s a cool font. However I don’t think it’s actually a FONT, given that this is from 1958. The closest thing I can think of is Courier New in CAPS, but with the letters staggered. I think you would have to painstakingly rearrange each letter to achieve that effect. It would be worth it for a banner or something, but not for an entire website, unless you’re a very patient person! There also seem to be some highlights and soft focus effects… yes, try Courier New, all CAPS, and then play with the highlights and shadows, and focus. That’s what I’d do in the sandbox, anyhow!

Source : Link , Question Author : SG1 , Answer Author : Huntress

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