What is the general process for planning and developing a new website?

I work at an agency mostly focused in software development however sometimes a microsite is accessory to one of our solutions and we need to build it.

I’m trying to define the process for creating these websites but I don’t know in which order each task is commonly done and specially I’m trying to figure out at which point any copy/static content should be written.

I can think of some tasks like: writing static content, design, wire-framing, defining keywords and SEO, coding. but I’m not sure in which order tackle them.


For me many areas can overlap to an extent.

  • Define needs via sketching, wireframes, notes, discussions, budget, etc. (must come first)

  • Wireframing – Content can start to be written here or at least outlined. Rough ideas of size of the content will assist in wire framing, so really writing and wire framing can go somewhat together.

  • Wireframe approval

  • Finalize content – early design roughs can be started here but can’t be finalized until static copy is complete.

  • Content approval

  • Finalize Design / Keywords / coding – keywords can be figured as the design is being fleshed out. Depending on work habits coding may be started in order to finalize the design.

  • Design approval

  • Finish Coding / SEO – coding and SEO can go hand in hand. You know, code with SEO in mind at the same time start planning external SEO strategies, etc.

  • Code approval

  • Ongoing SEO/maintenance.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lisandro Vaccaro , Answer Author : Scott

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