What is the name of hobby grade equipment to create photos where the background can be easily removed?

I know that in movies they use green screens or similar to be able to edit out the background from shots. But what is the name of a piece of equipment or setup I need in order to take a picture of say an apple and be able to crop out everything else except for the apple?

In other words, I want to create transparent background photos of regular objects.

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I have had some luck “hacking Ikea” for similar projects. For greenscreen-effects, they even have bright green tables :D. This is but one alternative, and you find instructions here, at IkeaHackers

With the use of two hampers, this is the result:

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But here is the real crux: succeeding with this, lighting is alpha and omega. You will need at least three lamps. Desklamps would often do, but get hold of some filters (thin translucent something) to “soft-boxing” the direct sources. And get a bunch of different bulbs too. I would advise that you do some searching and research on lighting methods.

This setup will give you reasonable results, and is particularly important for shiny object.

Other resources for more detail on that, you will find if you search for “jewellery photography”. A well-known hassle, and lots of good solutions out there.


Here is an example of a setup for lighting, taken from making it lovely
Note that Ikea has similar semi-translucent storage boxes.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Alex Stone , Answer Author : benteh

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