What is the name of the old manual sizing tool for measuring photos, to be used in offset printing?

Years ago, before computers took over, I worked with a photo cropping tool; I hope someone can tell me its name.

The gizmo I used was for sizing photos so they could be used in offset printing. They were never sliced physically. I marked them with a grease pen.

It was made of a soft metal, and it was in an open accordion shape, so it expanded and contracted. When opened up, it looked like a bunch of lower-case x’s like so:


There were numbers on it corresponding to inches that you used to gauge how big you wanted the photo to be so you could size things.

I have hunted for a picture but can’t find one. Any help is much appreciated.

Does anyone know the name of the tool I have described?


A analogue photo cropping tool is a Scaleograph

I used Google and the query: ‘analogue photo cropping tool’.

Photo cropping tool / Scaleograph

Scource: http://tinytutorials.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/cropping-tool-scaleograph/

Update: adjustable easel or masking frame

In a dark room a adjustable easel or masking frame is used as ‘margin locator’ and ‘automatic paper holding system’. The position of a masking frame on a base board in combination and the distance of the enlarger head defines the position and size of projected image. Therefore this could be considered a cropping tool. But it won’t change the paper size. You need a knife and rulers or photo cutter for that.

Adjustable easel

Masking frame

Source: https://www.etsy.com/market/darkroom/

Source : Link , Question Author : terpy , Answer Author : allcaps

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