What is the pattern and which color is the odd one out?

I saw this a couple of days ago on ueno’s brand redesign and have been trying to figure out the pattern between the colors for the past few days. Can anyone offer some insight. Been working on my color theory but can’t seem to find the pattern and therefore the odd one out. I thought it could be some math around the hue values or some consistency in the saturation brightness but can’t see any patterns jumping out. I then tried testing to see if the perceived brightness was identical across the colors which it isn’t.

You can see the colors below:
enter image description here


Fancy and bright as described in the text is not enough pattern?

This is the color wheel:

Color wheel

This is the same color wheel with a hight brightness effect:

enter image description here

If I had to describe the colors I would say pure hues with high bright value and black

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