What is the process for creating a color palette like this?

So, this is a screen grab of Web site designed professionally.

Blurred screenshot with a palette

I’m particularly interested in understanding how the designer arrived at this palette. Arguably, the palette works, but I can’t figure out how.

When I look at it in Adobe Color CC, I don’t see a lot of color theory applied to these colors (I added gray for the fifth because it was used on the original site).

Adobe Color CC Analysis

Using Paletton, I find things equally peplexing. Using ColorSchemer, and playing with it’s “Variations” and “Live Schemes” tools doesn’t get me close to this palette.

So, what process does a designer use to arrive at this palette? Is it arbitrary, “eye-balling-it?” Is there some other process used that I’m unaware of? Why does this palette work? What is the color theory behind it?


It is arbitrary.

Color selection is like any design process. Yes, there are some predefined methods which may work well for many, many things. But there’s no rule, law, or statute which states you must adhere to those conventional methods.

Many designers may stick to templates or predefined methods due to ease and speed they can provide. However, as a designer you are free to use whatever you feel works without regard to any algorithm or template.

In some cases, non-color model palette can be created simply by looking at nature or a photograph and picking random colors you see. Other times a designer may be looking at what someone else has done in the past and then try and replicated it (which is kind of what you’re asking). And in other cases it comes down to value first and hue secondary – which is kind of what I think those colors may be built upon – pick three values, then assign hues to them.

There are no rules other than what looks right to you and your client.

Completely random occurrence… but I happened to stumble upon this image via Google just by happenstance… look at this eye shadow make-up kit … colors look kind of similar. It’s possible something like this is where that palette was derived.

enter image description here

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