What is the serif font used in the King’s Hawaiian logo?

I was recently enjoying some tasty King’s Hawaiian Bread. I noticed their font for their logo and would like find a font with a similar look. I ran their logo through What The Font and it returned Kuenstler 480 Black as a possible match. This is close it is lacking the “swooshes” that you see in the N and H. (I do not know the technical term.)

Does anyone know what font is used in their logo or a close match?

For those not familiar with their logo here is a copy:

King's Hawaiian Logo

Here’s those characters in Kuenstler 480 Black (preview generated by Fontzone) for comparison. It’s similar, but not a clean match:

enter image description here


Aloha, that is a great question and I love our font too! I think what others have shared about Garamond is a close match but the KING’S HAWAIIAN logo is actually a custom font so there isn’t really an exact match, just something close. You might be able to find another font that has a similar for just the N and the H. Mahalo for the support and have a nice week! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at khcares@kingshawaiian.com.


Source : Link , Question Author : L84 , Answer Author : user9411

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