What is the type of these coarse drawings?

Disclaimer: This question might not be suitable for this site, I am not sure beforehand.

Having seen this sketch on today’s Google Doodle, I remembered that I have an innate crush for them – those having little details on facial expressions, and on shapes/body parts yet still expressive enough. They look like rough sketches but I hesitate to classify them as such. I wonder if you have any ideas on the naming of such drawings. What are they called?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: To be more illustrative I am adding the following sketches, which I assume similar to Google Doodle in terms of drawing and details. Let me know If I am wrong about this similarity. First One And the Second


The sketches you’ve shown above are examples of ‘Pen and Ink’ drawing. Check out http://www.flickr.com/groups/pen_and_ink_drawings/pool/ for examples.

As e100 said, though, the illustrations used for the Google logo were more based on fashion design sketches.

Source : Link , Question Author : Özgür , Answer Author : Scott Brown

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