What is the widest glyph in Arial?

I’m designing a div container that will contain some rows of text. Every row can contain 0 to 35 chars.

I need to specify a fixed width for the div, but I cannot predict how “wide” the string can be.

An example of strings (all 35 chars):

  • aeR1riPhah9chaicaegae7oobaiz8eiquoL
  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • da da da 35 chars text With CApital

As you can see, the glyph “i” is narrower than the glyph “L”.

A possible solution could be to use a Monospaced font, but for some stylistic constraints I need to use Arial (or equivalent font).

The idea is to size the container considering a string that contains the largest glyphs, but I am not sure what is the largest glyph, especially if we consider all the UTF characters.


Just one thing to say:


[EDIT] Update – OK – I concede there are some much wider characters:

Source : Link , Question Author : Rdpi , Answer Author : Roger Attrill

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