What is this circle technique called?

What is this technique called:

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See how the image is the result of overlapping many circles to create the final drawing. Parts of the circles overlap with each other to form the desired figures.

Here is another example:

enter image description here


Do you know any good tutorial for learning this technique? I’ve been searching, but since I don’t know what the technique is called, I’ve had no luck at all.


In all kinds of drawing, a formalised methodology has been attempted for centuries (ref. The Vitruvian man). Rules and guidelines for proportions of the human body etc. have been drawn out for the use in architecture and art (and in some cases to hunt for the magic golden section). This, in a way, is an engineering approach to imagery: laying down basic guidelines. The examples you show kind of refers to that tradition.

enter image description here

My guess is that the drawings you show are partly “reversed engineered” – someone doodled a lot, and then afterwards reconstructed the (seemingly sequential) process. I am not saying they did not work with circles in mind, they clearly did, but just pushing circles around in photoshop is probably not the way to go.

In this case, the resulting images are stylised animals; note that they are animals that are roundish by nature. I doubt you would find a similar image of – say – a horse or a snake 🙂

If you want to make stuff like this, my suggestion would be as much “mindless” doodling as you have time for. I cannot stress the importance of doodling enough. There should be more doodling in the world 🙂


enter image description here

Albrecht Dürer (bow to the master! ) reconstructed latin letters. Note that circles are prominent:

enter image description here

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