What is this design pattern called? “Continuation wave.”

See the wavy line at the bottom of this graphic?

enter image description here

I often see this visual technique used in software manuals and other material that contain screenshots. The technique cues that “there is more to this screen, but it has been omitted from the graphic for brevity or focus”.

I am wondering if this wavy line crop technique has any standard names. I was once interested in Googling about it, but came up empty-handed.


Looking it up from a CAD / Architecture perspective it can be found referred to as Break Point or Break Line.

The Alphabet of Lines (PDF) has it as Break Lines:

Note the jagged break line to indicate that this is only part of the object.

enter image description here

In technical drawings it is as I tried to describe in comments depicted like this via Lines (pdf) though they refer to it as Cut Line

enter image description here

One interesting image via Google Image search was this one which shows how different mediums take on different cut lines / break lines:

enter image description here

You can see pretty easily how a website might take on some sort of curved or angled end to then illustrate the same concept.

Source : Link , Question Author : MC256 , Answer Author : Community

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