What is this kind of CD packaging called?

A client has just asked me if we can package their new album as in this photograph:

Unknown CD packaging type

I’ve never seen one of these before. Web searches not helping too much. Looks like the outer box is made of plastic. Hard to tell from this angle whether it’s square (which would be logical given the contents) or portrait in format (looks like there’s more sky in the box picture than on the CD wallet).

Does anyone know what this is called?


This looks more like a full telescoping hinged rigid box made of non-bending board with a printed wrap. If you look at the top left corner, the cover telescopes over the bottom tray.

If you look at this image, it gives a closer, more detailed look:


Looking closely at the above image, I can also see the wrap edges.

The item holding the DVD is a sleeve closed on 3 sides.
All of these items go into the box.

Source : Link , Question Author : mtm , Answer Author : JeffK

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