What is this style of ‘punk art’ called?

I was looking for a new style of art that I wanted to try learning, I really like this high contrast and ‘cartoonish’ approach to this style.

Does anyone know the exact art-style this is considered (or how I can find more examples)

Here is the piece I would like to know about:

<code>Keith Caves Jail House Runner</code>“></a></p>
<p>The example is by <a href=Keith Caves.

Thanks for the help everyone!


I would say it’s a punk comic / DIY zine art style, although I’m not aware of it having a defined name.

Scumball is a brand built around comics and art zines with themes of
slime and lowbrow art/humor.

I found this extract here.

It reminds me of a slightly more cartoon like Raymond Pettibon, who did a lot of early 80’s DIY Hardcore and Punk bans such as Black Flag and Sonic Youth (images from Google images).

(source: sonicyouth.com)

Also check out old Pushead art work, especially his Thrasher era work as it’s a lot more simplified (images from Google images).

(source: strangekidsclub.com)

Source : Link , Question Author : knocked loose , Answer Author : Glorfindel

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