What is this table-like way of presenting fonts called?

I often find this kind of table to present a font, showing a sample of characters, the name of the font, a word (random?), and the alphabet. There’s a lot of them in the Wikipedia page about the Vox-ATypI classification.


Has it a specific name? Is is standardized somehow? Are there templates available (yes I’m being lazy here)?


All the images seem to come from the same source mostly GearedBull (Jim Hood) user on Wikipedia. It is a type specimen although quite smalll compared to standard specimens. To me, it just looks like someone took the time to make these images for Wikipedia.

I doubt you could easily edit the file since the font is probably in outlines but you can gather some parts by opening the svg in Illustrator. Please take into account the CC license. You can remix but you need to attribute credit and share alike.

Also, see this Typophile post to get more info on what is desirable in a specimen.

Source : Link , Question Author : gregseth , Answer Author : Yisela

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