What items is a company’s brand identity typically applied to?

I’m a newbie in Branding of products in the market using Graphics Design and as per my question, I would like to know what items are supposed to be branded for a photographer as a client?

Branding is more than a logo. A brand is a touch point. Every way the photographer reaches their clients and potential clients it’s from their logo to their marketing, and their product to their customer service is their brand. Therefore, branding should be purposeful design. Everything, every vehicle, every communication should have a purpose and send a clear message of who and what the photographer is.

Most photographers are freelance,those that have companies, are to be branded in another level. A discussion on both would help.

What I am certain of is: business cards, brochures and letterhead are in that list, what other items should be branded?

Also, is Branding designing and doing printing services or designing alone?


In my opinion, anything which the clients sees in relation to the photography and its business should be branded.

  • Stationery (card, letterhead, envelope)
  • Web Site
  • Photographic prints
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Receipts
  • Model Releases
  • Call sheets
  • Buildings (signage if there is a building)
  • Equipment (could just be stickers)

The more places you can get your brand in the client’s view, the more it will “stick” with them — which is the entire point of branding. There’s no such thing as “too little” branding in most cases. If you’re asking yourself “Should I be branding this…?” The answer is probably “yes”.

I do mean to tastefully brand things. Slapping huge bright colored stickers on EVERYTHING won’t do much to elevate your brand. The branding does not need to be overly prominent and “loud”. It can be small and elegant. The point is, it should be there.

“Branding” does not necessarily always mean the same logo or mark. However, there should be a cohesive set of graphic elements, colors, text, etc. that are used across all items. For example, you may not want to stamp a color logo on prints (front or back), but a well-designed text-only stamp in your primary brand color on the back of prints will go a long way.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ngeshlew , Answer Author : Scott

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