What job can help bridge me over to graphic design while I study?

I would like to have some kind of creative job role while I teach myself graphic design.

I currently work in a factory on an assembly line that has nothing to do with what I’m studying. So I’ve recently sent off my CV asking for printing jobs as print design is something I like to study the most but unfortunately no jobs are available.

Does anyone have any ideas of other jobs roles I could look for that would be a good bridge over to graphic design?

Many Thanks


From my own perception, the market is flooded. You’ll be hard-pressed to get an actual job designing without any experience.

There are hundreds if not thousands of graduates looking for employment every year in addition to the hundreds or thousands of self-taught people looking for employment.

Your best bet is to study, work as much freelance as you can and learn as much as you can on your own for a couple years. Once you have a solid portfolio in the field you’d like to enter, then contemplate looking for employment.

I’m not aware of any company who would hire merely based on the desire to be a designer. There are far too many looking for work who have at least some experience.

Source : Link , Question Author : Samuel_C_1234 , Answer Author : Scott

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