What kind of character/personality is expressed by fonts that mix capitals and lowercase letters?

I’m trying to guage the purpose of using fonts that have random capitals where there should be lowercase letters.

The question came about simply because I was looking at a design like the one I’m describing, and started to wonder what they’re trying to express with such a seemingly random design feature.

Is it fun? Maybe childish?

Could there be any other reason for choosing a font like this?

I am aware that there is no correct answer to this, but maybe someone can offer a little insight.

Here’s the design that sparked this question, specifically the word ‘CrunCHY’:

enter image description here


You may find this answer slightly off-topic, but let’s look at what the case mixing means in that particular example rather than in general. To get some context, it’s helpful to look at the other varieties of peanut butter offered by this brand.

Sun-pat Crunchy Sun-pat Smooth
Sun-pat Choc-a-nut Sun-pat Cashew
Sun-pat Hazelnut

In this context, I think it’s clear that each design is trying to convey something about the product’s taste or texture through the typography. For example, the smooth type has a flowing hand-written style, to convey how smooth the product is. The choc-a-nut font choice conveys a similar texture, but perhaps with more focus on softness instead of smoothness.

In the crunchy variety, the goal seems to be to squeeze everything between the baseline and the median line. Even the y, which you would expect to either ascend above the median line, if it was upper-case, or descend below the baseline, if it was lower-case. This, I think, is to convey that the product is compact, while the individual letters may allude to the individual peanut chunks in the product, unique to the crunchy variety. The design choice for each letter, and the y in particular, is carefully made so that each letter is as compact and “chunky” as it can be.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dom , Answer Author : nitro2k01

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