What makes a Moleskine notebook so good and when should someone invest in them?

What makes Moleskine so frequently cited as the go-to sketchbook for artists.

StackExchange offered us Moleskine notebooks (though I still never got mine!). There’s countless pages on the web dedicated to Moleskine drawings.

What qualities make the Moleskine the most highly sought after sketchbook and at what point should a person start purchasing them? For example, should a day 1 illustrator invest in them? If you’re only sketching with pencil will you see the benefits or not until you start exploring inks and colors?


In my opinion Moleskine are more looks and brand than quality. Not that I think they are bad, I personally like them but I’ve had better quality as well.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing though, as ‘pretty things’ help me get inspired. I would grab my beloved, nice looking notebook much quicker than an old drab. Next to this I also like that where I live they are quite widely available, even most bookstores sell them.

I don’t think the paper feels any better than the average decent notebook when I’m sketching with pencils. I don’t have much experience with markers or paint though.

If you don’t care about looks or brands however, feel free to buy anything else.

Nobody needs a Moleskine.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan , Answer Author : Summer

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