What materials should a web designer using Photoshop send to a developer?

I have been implementing mainly web and desktop applications and this is the first time that I actually started working with a graphic designer on a web site that is for public use. In this case the graphic designer is not doing HTML + CSS, but using Photoshop.

What kind of material is normally provided as an end result in order for the design to be actually implemented?

For example, should I get something more than just PSD files? How about different states (like link hover, active state etc.) or responsive design? Am I expecting too technical details?

Any help appreciated.


A mock-up is usually handed over for the developer to know what to go for. This can vary from PSD file to just a flat image, depending on the workflow. In my experience, handing over flat mockup with all dimensions, font sizes and colors used plus the full set of slices and used images. Basically eveything that is required for finishing the project. But that really depends on the workflow. If the site is done mostly in CSS, other information is required (gradient values, drop shadow values, image cropping presets).

Button states should always be covered. Depending how they will be made (purely CSS or slices) you should provide either all colors, radii and sizes or the slices themselves.

Responsive design is a bit different. Designing the view is only the start. What the developer needs to know too is how elements should behave when the site is gradually “shrinked”. How will a menue behave if fewer options are displayed? What is only a list element in full web view can change the screen dramatically in mobile view. What happens to all the hover elements (can’t use them in mobile view)?

Source : Link , Question Author : Tx3 , Answer Author : KMSTR

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