What photo management application can I migrate to that would preserve iPhoto’s face detection data?

I’ve used iPhoto for many years and found that it was suitable for what I wanted to do. Since Apple has discontinued iPhoto and Aperature in favor of their new Photos application, I’m seriously considering switching applications for my photo management since I’m just not happy with the direction they’re taking the software. All well and good, but the annoying thing is that I’ve spent hours of my time working with the face detection feature of iPhoto and I’d hate to lose all the work tweaking the exception cases (i.e. iPhoto couldn’t make out who someone was and I had to manually tell it).

For what its worth, I’m still on iPhoto ’09 as iPhoto ’11 didn’t seem like that much of an improvement to me; in fact, the removal of the LAN sharing and obfuscated context menu items (e.g. reveal in finder type functions) stopped me from upgrading.

Are there any applications out there which I can migrate to which would preserve all the face data from iPhoto ’09?


I haven’t used it yet, but apparently the new Photos app will continue the face detection or ‘Faces’ work they’ve had for some time in iPhoto and Aperture:


faces detail

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